Maya Miller "Slow Wave"

Maya Miller is an artist and musician living and working in Takoma Park, MD. Her art has been displayed at KS Art, MICA, Cooper Union and Printed Matter, among others.

"Slow Wave" is my attempt to understand and communicate the experience of liminality during epileptic seizures. Inspired by a series of seizures over a one year period, I explore loss of consciousness, mortality, and the emotional and physical intensity of seizure-induced involuntary movements using symbols, figures, space, light, and sound. Seizures are cast as movements of energy passing from me, through me, and to me, during periods of lost consciousness.

Visions I've experienced, places I've gone, feelings I've become. In my work I use symbols to communicate the stages of seizures and the feelings and ideas that result. These works on paper use sumi ink to illustrate the visceral physical severity of a seizure and to explore the murky boundary at the border of my consciousness during the onset of an episode.